We formalised the "ADAS" research and development project with the CDTI.

On Tuesday 20th April last, the signing of a protocol with the CDTI, Centre for Technological and Industrial Development under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, took place.

26 April 2021
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ADAS, Advanced Data Aggregation System, aims to provide a solution to the current problems arising from the complexity of handling the large volume of data generated, associated with the patient, in critical hospital environments.

The project started in July 2020, and is part of the strategy of our Smart ICU Display solution, which we launched together with Philips Healthcare Spain. With this new solution we intend to accommodate the integration of new parameters and data providers, with the clear objective of transforming all these heterogeneous data into an interconnected knowledge base, which facilitates monitoring and analysis, and from where healthcare staff can control and manage in real time the health status of patients and the general state of the ICU.

One of the main points of innovation of this project lies in the fact that all this information will be managed using a combination of:

  • Knowledge Graphs for the knowledge base.
  • Big Data for the management of large volumes of data.
  • Artificial Intelligence for the analysis and exploitation of the data.

The project has an estimated duration of 24 months and has a budget of 642.756,64 €, the funding received by the CDTI reaches 85% (532.502 €.) of it, and will involve a total of 10 profiles of the Epigram team in its offices in Valencia.

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