Venue Network obtains ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System certifications for the design and manufacture of smart panels

These certifications guarantee our commitment to continuous improvement and the safety of healthcare professionals in hospitals and other medical environments.

15 September 2023
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The implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with these standards ensures the quality and safety of our panels, demonstrating the existence of demanding procedures to provide safe and effective medical devices, complying with all the requirements of current regulations.

ISO standards certify quality management in companies and are synonymous with reliability. ISO 13485, in particular, is the optimal standard for the medical industry, ensuring that all medical devices comply with the appropriate laws and customer needs. It is a valuable management tool throughout the entire product lifecycle, from the early stages of design and development to manufacturing and implementation.

ISO 9001, on the other hand, is the international standard that focuses on all the elements of quality management that an organisation must have in place to have an effective system for managing and improving its products and services.

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