Why Smacs

We are the solution for hospital efficiency

Fewer errors

Meddis provides accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Less stress for healthcare workers

Meddis brings more security and peace of mind

Improved patient comfort

Meddis is designed with the patient first in mind.

Less mortality

Meddis is the key to optimal management

Resource optimisation

Reduction of unused rooms with evidence-based KPIs

Full control, also remotely

Smacs centralises all information at a single point for access at any time and any place

Reduction of unforeseen events and delays

With actual figures adjusted for rotas and procedure types.

Promoting innovation

With more confident professionals, backed by real data.

Conceptualisation and people-centred design
Development of innovative solutions
Construction and assembly: everything is done in-house
Maintenance and continuous improvement
Do you want to join Smacs?
We are looking for people with a positive attitude and a desire to learn
Do you have a project? Let's build the best hospital experience together.

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